I See You

I see you.

Putting your heart out

Down and into the dirt

Planting the seeds

Of care and selflessness

With toil, sweat and tears.


I see you

Dreary and weary

Still trying to be wary

Of the dangers that lurk;

But the worst of all are those

That scream out,

A cacophony of noise

Their loud words bellowing,

Their ugly souls slithering,

From dark corners of

the very figures you swore to serve.


I see you

Bubbling with rage

Raging with injustice

Your will shaken


“What can I do

I am only one person


Help me.”


As the candle wanes,

Above the grey, other

Angels appear, horns quiet

As was yours

Glimpses of wings and light

Join you

Amidst your dreary fight


I see all of you

Tears of frustration,

Swallowing indignation,

Picking up your might

For this isn’t over;

Not till the end

Is in sight.


A gigantic thank you to all healthcare professionals (med techs, patient service assocs, porters, I see you too), contact tracers, teachers, government leaders, cleaners, hawkers, delivery personnel and law enforcement & emergency service staff, from all over the globe. And to all other frontliners, thank you so much for putting everything on the line in service for the greater good. To everyone else, if you’d like to help, please stay home!

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