Hello I’m Salanne, pronounced as ‘Sal-anne’.


Why the strange name?

Mum’s name is Sally and she liked the name ‘Anne’, so there you have it! Wait till you hear my brother’s.

Think of this space as a place for you to hang when you’re on the MRT or the subway (depends on where you come from) or simply…bored or trying to eat snake. For me, this space exists to collect my thoughts and/or to experiment with different topics and writing styles.

AKA my weak attempt at trying to write.

*Sheepish grin*

If you see weird phrases, it’s probably because I’m Singaporean and that must have been Singlish; a melting pot of Mandarin and its dialects, Bahasa Melayu, Tamil and of course, English. Just like my home country!

That said, welcome to my humble abode, Dear Reader.

Basket. (Geez.)