Caffeine? Wah I Sensi.

Hi guys. It has been a while. I am not sure who needs to hear this's okay. If you're someone who can't drink caffeine, it's okay. Disclaimer: if I'm not making sense, pardon me coz I'm literally writing this in bed at 4.19am. I'm physically pooped but my mind is awake. Ish. Context: I … Continue reading Caffeine? Wah I Sensi.

M*lks #2: Soya Thinking About Starting

My first encounter or memory with non-dairy milk was as a kid. Way back in the 1990s. Almost 30 years ago.  Wow. *Screams in existential crisis* On the weekends, my family would head out to the nearby coffeeshops for breakfast. Accompanying our steaming bowl of fish-ball rice noodles or some kuay chap, my brother and … Continue reading M*lks #2: Soya Thinking About Starting

The Acne entries #5: my cheeks are angbaos

红色. The lucky colour that gets plastered everywhere a month before the Lunar New Year arrives. Red decorations, red Chinese calligraphy pieces, clothes, the caps of alllllll the tidbit containers and of course, the angbao. Also, I see red when I hear the relentless 'chiang-chiang-chiang' music while I'm trying to grocery shop my anxiety away. … Continue reading The Acne entries #5: my cheeks are angbaos

The Acne Entries #2: No Pain, No Gain

FINALLY. It is phase 2 here in Singapore where non-essential services are finally allowed to re-open their doors! That includes aesthetic clinics. But on most part, my psyche freaked about the sudden re-opening way back in June. The first Saturday since Phase 2 (19th June) was announced was captioned with photos of huge crowds that … Continue reading The Acne Entries #2: No Pain, No Gain