What I do at Work

‘What do you do at work?’ A rising tingle of stress creeps up whenever I try to answer this question. Heck, attempting to write this piece is nerve-racking. Major Disclaimer: Any opinion that I happen to express here is solely my own and not of my employer’s and colleagues. Well, for starters, I work in … Continue reading What I do at Work

Listen to thy body: #workoutchallenges

Since the Circuit Breaker started, those privileged enough to work from home have been trying out different ways to stay active. Some jog to get some fresh air, some go for live workouts on Zoom, and then some turn to YouTube. My best friends and I started meeting online for various challenges by YouTube fitness … Continue reading Listen to thy body: #workoutchallenges

While I Read (#1)

Reading: Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Stephen HawkingIs there a God? This is probably my biggest question. I do not identify as an atheist. Nor do I see myself as a religious person. I sit right smack in the middle, where I’m constantly learning about things and events that have led me to … Continue reading While I Read (#1)

The Pro’s & Con’s of WFH

(Written 13th March 2020) It is the biggest experiment, in the midst of being conducted all across the globe. It’s scary that we have to do this, but at the same time…Yippee! No early mornings, no morning rush hour, no time lost wondering what to wear or whether or not to have breakfast. A colleague … Continue reading The Pro’s & Con’s of WFH