The Acne Entries #6:


It’s been a while.

Life got pretty hectic and fun for a bit there. Sooooo I’m fresh from a full week’s break and have decided to plop in here to update this space. How’s everyone doing?

I hope life is almost back to normal for you guys and that the recession and climate change ain’t hittting y’all too hard.


Yes, the algorithm has brought you here for a skin update. Well, my skincare routine has pretty much remained the same the past year, with the exception of some anti-ageing things added in for good measure.

If you are looking for product recommendations, I’ll leave them down below. If you want pics, here ya go!


I glewed up.

Glow upped.


But the acne still happnes coz there’s no stopping the hormones so I guess I’ll just coexist with it. But now that I’ve educated myself about the basics of skin biology and how different active ingredients help build and protect the skin barrier, I can give what my skin needs when a breakout happens.

My skin is healthy, and it glows in the morning.

Since I have braved the rain, here are the lessons I’ve learnt:

1. Get educated.

For practicality’s sake, get educated. This will save you so much money and time. Learn about how the skin works and what ingredients would help you work out any skin issues that you have.

2. Getting caught up in trendy products

Once you know what you’re looking for in your skincare, it’s time to shop your existing collection or an actual shop. I remember getting so excited to try out products that have been raved by the YouTubers I watched. Most of which were only available in the US or are carried by Sephora. And so, I turned my attention to local drugstores. Products that are easily accessible if I run out and are cheaper. Also, I get to rack up points and rewards since I shop at these drugstores for other items!

3. Patience

By far the hardest lesson to learn, but it pays off. Stick by your guns creams and serums because your skin is going to take some time getting used to them and then responding to them. Unless of course, you get a strong, immediate reaction, then pleeeeeeease pass that product on to someone else. Don’t quote me; but I believe if you have acne, you’d probably have sensitive skin. But yes, the process to heal, find your holy grails and get healthy skin is a journey and it takes time.

What happened to your facial treatments?

Well, I haven’t mentioned much about the facial place because I stopped going for appointments after they started pushing for a package renewal when I had about 6 (or7?) 12 sessions left with them. I remember thinking it was incredulous as my aesthetician started waving the worn out brochure, saying it’s a promotion that’s ending soon. Oh my god. I ain’t that dumb.

In a subsequent session, she tried to sell me ampoules. At one point, she went, ‘aiyoh Xiao mei, ni zhen de bu ke Yi bang wo Ma?’

Translation: do you really do not want to help me out here?

After 20 minutes of saying ‘no’, I caved, paid an exorbitant amount of money (it fking hurts ohmahgod) and then vowed to never go back.


It was a sunk cost fallacy; the treatments weren’t working, everything was over-priced and the hard-sell was so very apparent. My google review is still up there and I would need to have some liquid courage to change it.

I dropped my 5 remaining sessions because I knew that the hard sell was going to get amped up as I finish up the package that I do not intend to renew.

P.s. a year and a half on, I still have the ampoules and am using them sparingly. I will *never again* spend that kind of money on freaking skincare. I’ll stick to my 25 dollar 1L bottle of Cetaphil thanks.

What’s next?

Uhhhhh, the next milestone will be wrinkles. *sobs*

So if I restart this series, its gonna be focused on anti-ageing :)))))))

P.p.s. The (updated) cheat list (not in order of actual routine)

1. Hada Labo Hydrating lotion (light) ❤️

2. Cetaphil – Moisturizing lotion ❤️

3. Differin gel (0.1% Adapalene)*

4. Paula’s choice – Clear Acne Extra Strength exfoliating solution*

5. Fresh – Youth Preserve Super Lotus Night Recovery* (is sample size coz my sephora points expiring, CAUTION: v strong, would only recommend getting the full size for those in their 30s)

6. Laneige – Perfect Renew Youth Regenerator Essence (used sparingly based on feels, used as a step to replace the Cetaphil lotion coz espensif LOL)

7. Sunplay Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Essence SPF50+ PA++++ (Mint Green)

* – products with this are divas. Only one can be used once in a day’s routine

❤️ – never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.

Enjoy the links!

(Cetaphil pls sponsor me HAHA)

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