The Acne Entries #3: easy does it

(Written on 13th September 2020)

As the Singaporean workforce begin to undo the split team arrangement, so do my acne scars.

Oh? What’s this?

It has been weeks since my previous acne post and I had since decided that it’s getting better and thus, deserve a break from fretting about it.

My skincare routine was on auto pilot, in that I didn’t bothered much. Slap on a moisturizer coz I’m lazy. A mask if I really couldn’t be bothered.

One day, I looked into the mirror in the morning, the time of day when my heart rate is just starting to amp itself up for the day. Thus, my scars aren’t red (lower heart rate, lower blood flow, lesser redness). Some weren’t even visible. And when most of them aren’t visible…

Oh? What’s this?

If I squint real hard, it’s as if I had otherwise clear skin with a couple of pimples that would otherwise seem normal. I mean, who has clear skin right?

Right? … 😦

Anyhow, of course I was happy. And relieved. And then I looked inward. How has the past few weeks been? How have I been feeling, etc. I did a mental check on my mental state.

Heck, I’ve been good.

And that’s it. The question has been answered: the state of my psychological wellbeing = acne.

And being in the research industry, one has to see if the results are reproducible. With the removal of the split team arrangement, it meant a change in my lifestyle, eating habits, basically, another change.


Potato on the chin.

Potato on the cheek.

Chin again.

I sighed at the mirror as I noticed another painful bump under the skin. Goddammit.

The plus side was that my skin turnover rate was higher than ever. The bumps would either surface or form whiteheads in a couple of days. While inflammed pores would form whiteheads, ready for popping in 24 hours. It’s amazing.

So now, I’m taking things as they come.

Anyhoo, I am pretty sus about my aesthetician purposely scheduling my next appointment 6 weeks from the previous one just to see how my skin would fare. Is it a selling ploy? Is it a genuine strategy? I don’t know.

And here’s the September update:

Forgive the camera. It’s actually a video but ya girl doesn’t have wordpress premium LOL. Fellow WP-ers what are yall thinking about the new editor?

There’s red blotches but its all scars, zero potatoes growing underneath!! If this ain’t progress, I don’t know what is.

Till the next one,

Spend some time to zen out ^_^

A/N: Hi this is Sal from 20th Nov 2020, if my current breakout (tell yall why in the next update) decides to cooperate and fade away, an actual update should be up by the end of this month. *Fingers crossed*

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